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Date added: 2017-07-25 Length: 00:32:25 Rating:
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Description : Charley is a hot little slut who watches porn in the upstairs bedroom when she should be cleaning the house, doing laundry & being a nanny. Alex knows she watches his porn as she doesn't clean the history on his computer.... DUH!!!    So tonight before he gives her a ride home after work he is gonna make her put in some overtime. Sucking his dick and showing him how good she can fuck before she goes back to college after summer break!!! OH YEA!
Date added: 2017-07-25 Length: 00:21:28 Rating:
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Description : Seth is working late and sees Portia stayed late with him to make sure the work gets done. With the deadline looming, Seth is really stressed out and Portia being the team player that she is help Seth relax.
Date added: 2017-07-22 Length: 00:28:03 Rating:
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Description : Eric is taking a break in the warehouse. Danica goes in to make sure an order isput and notices it's not. Her job is on the line and Eric is scheduled to leave.She has to convince him to stay and get the Job done.
Date added: 2017-07-20 Length: 00:24:46 Rating:
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Description : Mr. Pete is closing his business and his secretary is there to put him at ease.
Date added: 2017-07-19 Length: 00:45:05 Rating:
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Description : A lesbian couple invites the young neighbor boy over for a little fun. They pretend thatthey have a broken light for him to fix. But it is all a pretext for sex. As Alana and Ellastart to play with each other's bodies, it is obvious Lucas is uncomfortable. But, noworry, the lesbians soon let him know that even though they like each other, they alsolike dick.
Date added: 2017-07-18 Length: 00:24:51 Rating:
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Description : When Mariah tells her husband to invite some of his buddies over after work he had no idea he would have a mouth full of cum & cock within the next few hours. All his friends love to hang out at his house after work and way not? His wife is a total fucking slut who lets them all gang bang her and if he says anything, she tells him to shut up and suck a dick! And that's just what he does!
Date added: 2017-07-16 Length: 00:39:32 Rating:
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Description : Maya Kendrick is a young girl next door who dreams of enticing her longtime neighbor Marcus into a little sexual plays. Today his buddy Tommy is over and they've finally had enough of Maya prancing about in sexy outfits to tease them. They invite her over for a nice little orgy and she takes turns pleasuring both the buddies and making her dreams come true.